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Owned by Zuse Automation

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We are Zuse

Zuse is reinventing the entire industry. We don’t simply sell machines – we share the vision of enabling everyone to develop and produce their own products – simply, and genially. Our machines carry out complex production processes with the help of different technologies, such as additive manufacturing and machining – so you can wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to your ideas and your marketing strategy.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing profound changes. As our surroundings become ever more smart and individual, so do the products in our everyday life: In the near future, the product will decide about its production, and the entry barriers for specialized goods keep falling away. This is why we cooperate with international partners in innovative reductive and additive manufacturing technologies meeting highest quality requirements: Our smart production solutions unleash new creativity for new products. For all.


To enable close cooperation with our customers worldwide, Zuse Holding GmbH is represented as Zuse Automation GmbH in Europe (with head offices in Bad Tölz) and with a representation in China.


William Wong +49 6261 66203
Ye Wang +86 1356 5732682
Our focus
Zuse Holding is a pioneer and a developer of ideas. As an early adopter in the machining tool industry, we attach great importance to having a dynamic cooperation with our international partners. Our principles and beliefs are firmly rooted in Germany’s strong tradition of innovation, and at the same time we are a driving force in the global village of creative thinkers and visionaries. These are our values: advancing innovations, providing room for vision and ideas, thinking and living modernity, creating and strengthening partnerships, taking on every challenge, and: simply taking action!
Our motivation
We are convinced that we deliver added value by enabling every person to realize his or her ideas as easily and efficiently as possible – because it is our belief that we all can develop ideas that have the potential to shape and improve our world. To facilitate the uncomplicated realization of ideas we make use of synergies spanning all branches, relentlessly developing new production methods and partnerships. Shape Products. Not Production.

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